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Idea behind ANIKONIC

After moving to Norway in 2011, Anika started to work as distiller and product developer. Travelling around Norway, she visited many food producers who use locally grown fruit of high quality. Many of them were interested in producing something more exciting, such as cider and wine, but they were not sure how. This was a great opportunity for Anika to help farmers and support them with her knowledge and experience, combined with her innovative thinking.


Together, they started envisioning and producing new types of wines, yet unknown to the Norwegian market.

The idea behind Anikonic was to 

 provide professional and technical support to local farmers and alcohol producers.

Since the start up of the company Anikonic has been providing support to new and already established producers: 

  • New producers need support from idea to final product.

  • Established producers need support to improve existing products and expand their portfolio. 

Anika was inspired by her clients success to go even further and start her own wine production.


About Anikonic Founder

​Anika Perisic is the creator of Anikonic fruit wines and consulting services. She is a highly educated technologist of wine and spirits production with M.Sc. degree in technology of strong alcoholic beverages and sensory from University of Belgrade.

Anikas family owns distillery in Serbia and growing-up with spirits production waked up enthusiasm for creating special spirits and wine products. Anika spent many years experimenting and perfecting her wine making skills. Passionate about creating novel and exciting alcoholic beverages she uses yet unexplored combinations of local and ecological natural ingredients.


Beside Anikonic wine production, Anika is a head distiller and product developer at the Himkok cocktailbar & distillery in Oslo, which is famous among “The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants”. In Himkok she makes different types of gin, aquavit, and vodka.

That’s why Anikonic teamed - up with one of the clients, Bringebærlandet, and co-invested in a wine production facility near Drøbak. As a co-owner of a small winery, Anika created an opportunity to further pursue her dreams. She started experimenting on her own and created special wines based on local fruit, berries, and herbs. Anikonic fruit wines can now be found on the menus in several restaurants and bars in Norway and can also be ordered via Vinmonopol store in Norway.


In short, this is how Anikonic become probably the first consulting company in Norway with its own wine production. This is only the beginning of Anikonic era, and you will for sure hear more about it in the future!

Vision of ANIKONIC

Anikonic’s vision is to create special high-quality alcoholic beverages based on local Norwegian raw materials and to be among leadings products worldwide. Anikonic’s mission is to continuously focus on innovation and quality. 

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