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Anikonic can help you with developing all kinds of alcoholic beverages and can guide you through all stages of production. Anikonic is highly innovative and combines new ideas with long experience. When we help our clients develop new products, we also help them become leading in the market.

We can help you «develop your own wine» or «improve a wine you already have» & «become leading in the market»


You want to produce your own wine, but don't know how?

Anikonic can help you. With our expertise and long experience, we can develop a new wine product for you. We will help you select the equipment you need, develop a production process and fine - tune the
recipe for your wine.

You want to improve your wine or spirit?

Anikonic can help you improve the recipe and solve the issues with production or fermentation you might have faced.


Why choose ANIKONIC?

We can help you with everything: 

- develop new recipes for you, based on raw material you already have, ​ 

- reduce your production costs​, 

- save your time, ​ 

- guide you during production​, 

- help you scale-up.​ 

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